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The Coordinating Committee of Independentists and Legalitarians was born in Treviso

The New Entity will present its lists in all the territories currently oppressed by the italian state. Its first spokespersons are Carlo Vivarelli, Vito Potenza and Gianluca Busato

On Sunday, 9th of April 2017 it was held in Treviso the first meeting of the Informal Coordinating Committee of the Independentists and Legalitarian Movements (the entity has been constituted on the 4th of February 2017).

This new informal body coordinates the independence supporting movements and parties of various Italian and European territories, while its goals (which will be created and structured over time) will be formal, yet always based on the voluntary adhesion of each single movement/party.

The Committee is logically ready to assess the adhesion of any movement/party who demonstrates to be in line with its own principles.

During the first meeting, it was decided to create the Committee website indleg.com (independence supporters and legalitarians) and to adopt a circle depicting Europe as a symbol.

Moreover, the Committee will present its electoral lists during the upcoming elections at any level, starting with the next June elections in Tuscany, where the Tuscan Independent Party will be presented.

Carlo Vivarelli, secretary of the Tuscan Independent Party and mayor candidate in the town of San Marcello Piteglio (PT) is one of the three spokespersons chosen by the Committee, along with Vito Potenza, President of the Popular Assembly Project in the Free Territory of Trieste and Gianluca Busato, President of Plebiscito.eu.

Carlo Vivarelli said: ” Through its policies, the Tuscan Independent Party wants to affirm a new global and European vision, based on the recognition of the unrecognized nations.”

Vito Potenza said: “The Popular Assembly Project is actively engaging with this new subject as it firmly believes in the possibility of establishing new European geopolitical balances in a future vision within which the various peoples can regain the dignity and welfare they have been deprived by the actual system of.”

Gianluca Busato said: “The birth of the Coordinating Committee of the Independentists and Legalitarian Movements is a fundamental moment for the self-determination of all the peoples who are oppressed by the failed Italian state, as it will allow to implement those strategies so far hindered because of the relatively scarce political weight of each people into the Italian context. For example, let’ s make a proportional comparison with the weight of the Catalans in Spain and of the Scottish in Great Britain to understand and touch the importance of having such a Committee subject here in the italic peninsula.”

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